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Build with us

Option to build with us doesn’t get easier.

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Building more
than just homes.

We understand that in this industry, the final product goes well beyond four walls. And building with Symmetric means having a trusted partner in the process, complete transparency from start to finish, and using the highest quality materials possible — within deadlines and the bottom line. Whether that be local or international. One storey or two. For your first home or your next.


More open communication, more streamlined processes, and more efficiencies over outdated policies. We’re in the business of delivering on our promises quicker and more affordably than the rest. And with over a decade in residential construction, the quality that you’re buying into is crafted from years of testing, learning, and defining exactly what makes a home builder better than the rest.


Because here, more is not a want — but a baseline.
And that’s only the beginning.

More people.


More than a suit. Chris is no stranger to the jobsite. With over 15 years of experience in construction management, he is proficient in leading projects and delegating the right people. It’s not one size fits all with Chris. You’re a name, not a number. And it’s his clear communication that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Chris is an adjustable spanner; he modifies to fit you.


More than a WIP meeting. Derek is ready to build the relationship between you and your home.
He finds purpose in providing such an important service; ensuring this investment gives you and your family the life deserved. After all, you spend the majority of time in your home. And it’s his ability to power through obstacles that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Derek is a power drill; gets things done whilst maintaining quality of finish.


More than numbers. Katya has been in the construction industry for over 8 years. Not one to be underestimated, she’s committed to exceeding expectations. Whether you’re a first-home buyer or international investor. She’s a Jill of all trades, and master of a lot. And it’s her willingness to go that extra mile that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Katya is a hammer; she knows when to apply pressure.


More than a salesman. Suresh is responsible for ensuring your life in a Symmetric home is the one you expect. He is your sounding board. Understanding where you have come from, and where you see yourself going. It’s a journey; one that Suresh travels with every home owner. And his understanding of Vaastu within the Australian landscape that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Suresh is a swiss army knife; he’s always there when you need it.


More than deals. Nawfis is responsible for making your future house a home. Piecing together your inspiration and ideas into a concise plan — he will bring method to the madness that is customary when going custom. A warm welcome at every interaction and a sense check when you need one. It’s his ability to execute your dream that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Nawfis is a blade: precise in every action.


More than a translator. Stanley is here to give you an unforgettable experience. He is committed to your needs. Comprehensively guiding you through options before welcoming you into your new home. It’s a process that never grows old for Stanley. And it’s his knowledge passed onto all in the sales team that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Stanley is a leveller; he finds the right balance.


More than contracts. Your first point of contact and one to make a lasting impression (for all the right reasons), Harshil is the launch point for your Symmetric Homes journey. Balancing the functional with the financial; he translates your preferences into a plan that fulfils needs and exceeds all expectations. Solutions driven and determined in nature, it’s his ability to turn a warm welcome, to ‘welcome home’ that gives you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Harshil is an adjustable wrench: malleable to your every need.


More than lines. Lachlan is the creative mind behind the construction of your Symmetric home. And it’s something he’s been passionate about since he first started planning his career path. He uses both the left and right side of his brain to design functionally beautiful homes. And it’s his ability to think outside the walls that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Lachlan is a tape measure; he always checks things twice.


More than sketches. Ahmad will help you read between the lines. Drawing upon a wealth of architectural knowledge, he crafts conceptual and working plans of your property — and helps you visualise your future plans in the process, too. With a steady hand and a level head, Ahmad connects the dots on paper so Symmetric can connect with your vision. And it’s his ability to give life to fine lines that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Ahmad is a blueprint; in control of the bigger picture.


More than paperwork. Vlad manages a network of timelines, appointments and contracts to bring synergy to your Symmetric process. With an eye for details, from management to distribution to terms and conditions, Vlad gives paperwork a home — so every detail of yours is documented correctly. A helping hand to those who he calls team, Vlad has his finger on the office pulse. Making sense of the little things so you can see big developments, sooner. And it’s his ability to make complicated things easy to understand that gives you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Vlad is super glue; he holds plans and projects, together.


More than Pinterest boards. Julie transforms your four walls into spaces that are not just beautiful but enhance the day-to-day of those who will be living within them. With an aptitude for optimising functionality, Julie is informed by your reality to deliver a home beyond your dreams — taking your space to the next level, with colours, textures and materials that perfect your selection. And it’s her ability to not only frame but execute the bigger picture that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Julie is a paintbrush; a stroke of creative genius.


More than guesswork. Subtract Leon from any project and operations simply won’t add up. Responsible for construction cost estimation, he pieces together your purchase order ensuring every detail is precise, and every process perfected before it’s sent to our suppliers. As a natural mathematician, Leon sees the path to problem solving with ease; following formulas that have established his own for guaranteeing the success of your works. And it’s his dedication to relentless reliability that will give you more.


Amongst the toolbox, Leon is a ruler: measures details to the nth decimal.


More than the industry standard. Memz is a seasoned figure on the worksite, which means he’s well versed in implementing only the best practices and processes. Inspections, reviews, assessments — they’re only worthwhile when they’re conducted by someone with a meticulous eye for detail. And it’s Memz’s due diligence and passion for what he does that sees his site thrive safely and seamlessly. Dedicated to getting the job done properly, his resistance to stress is a testament to his experience and problem-solving nature.


Amongst the toolbox, Memz is a mallet; hitting the nail on the head the first time, and every time.


More than compliance. On paper, Habib monitors the progress of the construction to ensure efficiency and safety regulations are adhered to. In practice, he’s guaranteeing the team around him is as passionate about bringing a Symmetric home into reality as he is. And this happens through due diligence to ensure the work reflects standards as high as the expectations of our clients. A good supervisor leads from the front, and a great supervisor leads from within — so he’s getting his hands dirty to bring out the best in those around him and produce an exceptional end product.


Amongst the toolbox, Habib is a Leatherman; aiding and assisting multiple people at once without dropping the ball.


More than supervision. Jim is the figure on-site responsible for compliance and performance going hand-in-hand (with mandatory gloves on). With an eye for the smallest details, he’s able to look at the big picture and create an environment where productivity is elevated and risks are absent. Equipped with the tools to mitigate common deficiencies, Jim brings out the best in Symmetric’s floorplans as well as the team building them into reality. A knack for project management and straightforward processes translates into tangible successes.


Amongst the toolbox, Jim is a measuring tape; carefully marking crucial touchpoints and identifying any bumps from the inside out.


More than contracts and contractors. Mustafa has an innate ability to make an environment safe, seamless, and running like a well-oiled machine. It might be his attuned foresight to identify and eliminate any potential hazards, or it’s the genuine care in his team that allows him to bring out the best in those around him. But either way, Mustafa isn’t in it to watch paint dry, but to take a Symmetric floorplan and bring it to life through meticulous coordination and execution. It’s why his favourite part of the process is to hand over the keys to the new owners, who get to enjoy the fruits of his supervised labour.


Amongst the toolbox, Mustafa is a ruler, because it’s all well and good to have the tools to cut the materials, but without a ruler, everyone’s going in blind.


More than meeting deadlines. Nathan has been supervising complex building sites for a number of years, with every job representing a lasting legacy of his expertise. A passion for bringing a vision to life is the foundation of his drive, but a comprehensive understanding of the moving parts is what makes him an asset to every build he’s involved in. Nathan takes a committed team, Symmetric floorplan, and robust blueprints, then turns them into a project delivered on brief and on time.


Amongst the toolbox, Nathan is an Allen key; the all-rounder time-saver that can be put to the test on any project.

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